Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Hey Sis, There's A Bright Side?"

Alright, I'll admit it. When I walked up to the check out line in the grocery store I certainly did look like quite a sight. But for what reason would a seemingly nice looking girl like me be doing in the gorcery store sopping wet and attempting to purchase hot pepper flakes and a bottle of vodka? Ok, so the lady asked me how old I was. But at some point it just becomes ridiculous when both she and the guy behind me on line both snicker after I tell them that I'm 21 and she still demands to see my ID. "Sheesh," I think to myself. "Again?!"

I've got to say, after going to sleep after 3am waking up at 6am was not too much fun. Made the 7:20-something bus and got into Jeru as the skies opened. Simply put, I was wet. Even more so once I reached the office.

After work I went over to my Big Sis's house for some Barney and Bath-time bonding with the munchkin.

Back at the Ranch I had some fun with spicy stuff (I'm still claiming that it was for the sake of clearing our sinuses) and I think I'll go read for a bit now.

Tomorrow is Monday and is therefore - the second day of the week. Or is it the second day of the week because it is Monday?

So confusing.


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