Monday, February 05, 2007

Humility, Hilarity, Humanity...

Can someone PLEASE tell me why this country that I love has stopped selling my favorite coffee?! It's not even a complicated flavor and if I weren't so darned impatient and lazy I could make it myself. However, for some mysterious reason Nescafe' Instant Vanilla coffee has disappeared from the shelves of all supermarkets and makolets in the general area of Central Israel. Of course, I had an agonizing moment of terror and panic that the world at large had stopped production of this (toxic) 'stuff' that tastes so good. Luckily (and thankfully) they haven't so while I was in Merry Ca I picked up a couple of containers - but considering the fact that I drank 3 cups of it today, I'm kind of worried it won't last me very long. (So, if anyone loves me and wants to bring me or send me a present...) :)

Today the office was a nightmare. Two of the bosses weren't in and one co-worker didn't show up. Her boss had left a stack of stuff to do and my boss had left me a stack for me. When my co-worker's boss heard that she wouldn't be in the office, guess what happened. Easy peasy. He just called ME and said, "I'm not in, she isn't in and your boss isn't in so do the pile of stuff that I left for her." Suffice it to say, I literally did work for 2 people today. Looking at the bright side, at least I walked both ways today.

Last story of the night. I stopped at the makolet to pick up some milk and cheese. The total came to 15.26NIS. I reached into my pocket and gave the cashier her options, either 15NIS or a 200NIS bill. She looked at the bill in horror and quickly dropped the 26 'אג. I must be learning how to work the system here. Be nice or be really nice while being evil.

Off to watch 'Cars' and spend some time with Freddie - whenever she gets here...