Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kivi, Nony, Meeli & Arye...

I made my way into Jeru on Friday morning and met up with Shosh, SH and Cheli. We went out for pizza and then got ready for Shabbos.

I spent shabbos at Mrs. M's house (even though she is in MerryCa) and I finally got to meet another one of the families that Shosh works for.

Friday night at Rivky's and Shabbos day at Shoshana B's. A niiiiice looooong Shabbos nap and then after Havdala at the neighbors I waited for a bus, shoved my way into TM and made my way to Bet Shemesh for Vivi & Gabi's engagement party. I got there only an hour late and said my 'hellos and goodbyes' then made my way back Home.

Now I need to find all my stuff and get it ready to shlep back into The City bright and early tomorrow morning.

Shavua Tov y'all!

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