Tuesday, February 20, 2007


First the old man rode by on a bicycle, he was riding zigzag across the pavement and wearing fuzzy blue bedroom slippers. Then there was the old woman who was offering a pigeon a loaf of bread that was missing the end slice. The pigeon turned up his nose and declined the offer because the bread wasn't so soft and there was an end missing.

Are you familiar with those strange days, where everyone seems to gape at you as you pass by. You know you're not crazy and maybe you are slightly paranoid - but still...

And then, when the REALLY cute Ish Bitachon with the bright blue eyes and incredible smile stops you on Yafo to ask you how you're doing and asks you for your number, what are you supposed to say?!

"Sorry, I'm not dating right now. I'm sick of guys and I hate all the protocol. Maybe after my birthday."

And off he goes, into the bright February sunshine.

And I walk on towards work to begin yet another tediously ridiculous Tuesday...

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