Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Misdeed Absolved - Crisis Resolved

Well, work was the same old today. Another 9 hour day. Was it busy? Not particularly. Did I enjoy myself? Not really. Something a little fishy is up in the office though and I am not quite sure what is going on. I think the bosses are looking to hire someone new. For when and what I have no clue - but if it means less insane responsibility for me - bring it on.

Walked back to The Ranch and put up the first part of dinner. Shosh is doing the rest and there are rugelach for dessert. (That is of course assuming that Shosh doesn't get a concussion from all of the spices that keep jumping out of the cupboard at her head...)

I think I will go work on my blanket a bit. The old green and blue one that is in the process of being knitted. Yeah, I think I am on the 8th square - just 12 more to go. Here's a picture of Toffee Bear (who is supposedly cuter than me) sitting with my knitting. Well, he's sort of with my knitting - it's more like, sitting near my knitting...
Confession for the day - I miss my Big Sis. :-/
On the bright side - next week... :)

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~{~~@ said...

I'm touched!!
I'm looking forward tons!!