Thursday, February 15, 2007


Packed and cleaned and made my way to work.

Chaya covered for me, TJ did a happy dance and fell asleep (well almost) and I snuck out 1/2 an hour early with permission to go in at 12 on Sunday and even made the early bus Home. So basically, I'm in a content sorta mood.

At Home, Freddie and I went to (were sent to) do some grocery shopping. Yay for driving in the POURING (and I mean DRENCHING DELUGE of) rain!!! After dinner and a show (by the little wierdos) Mommy, Brenda and I shlepped a ton of stuff up to the shul. Mommy is catering the Moskowitz Bat-Mitzvah this Shabbos, so things are going to be quite busy at Home. First we shlepped, then we poured, braked and I even got to ride in the trolley!

Dum and her friend Dina are here for Shabbos and Brenda and I need to make chocolate dipped pretzels for the party. I have stolen Eli's new sweatshirt and I am sad that all my comfy sweatpants are back at The Ranch. We were supposed to watch a movie and have a 'girls night' but there is too much to do in the kitchen and Freddie is sleeping with the fuzzy little blue monster on the sofa.

Brenda has just offered to 'scoop out mine eyeballs.' - Should I be worried? Is this a threat? I can't tell.

Ok, I'd better go help her before she really does something crazy.

Oh shoot - a chocolate and flour fight?

Hahahaha! Guess I'll need a shower tonite after all! :)