Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Virtual Love Affair...

I just enjoyed my first long weekend in a long time. I think that I will like Sundays from here-on-in.

I rolled out of bed at 8 and got on a bus at 10. A cute guy sat down next to me and promptly fell asleep on my shoulder. In Jerusalem I woke him up and headed to The Ranch. With plenty of time to spare I unpacked and then walked to the office. For four hours I did nothing much and then I organized the 'file piles' for about an hour. For the last hour I actually did some typing and then I left the office 1/2 an hour late for some strange reason. I walked back to The Ranch and waited for Shosh to get back. Then we went out for a special Rosh Chodesh dinner and back at The Ranch we are going to watch the Bruriah - Mother Daughter Presentation - from 2005.

It'll be so funny to see the stage I spent much of my high school career on. Maybe there are even a few shots of the chandelier. Guess we'll see.

In any event - it's back to the drawing board. Well, sort of and not really.

You haven't run into any cute guys on Yafo lately, have you?

Just checking. I'd hate to find out that you were hiding something like that from me... :P

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