Monday, February 26, 2007

"With all answers leading to you..."

Work was an ABSOLUTE bore today. I had to do three other peoples work (as usual) and Chaya and I eventually got sick of it all and went out to find some lunch. I think I spent more time fleishig today than I did anything else.

Eventually I got sick of sitting around doing nothing so I ran out and got a quick manicure. :) That started my 'girly' shopping spree day.
After work I met up with Shosh and we went to explore the shuk in search of jars for chocolate liqueur that she is planning to give with the cakes for mishloach manot. We didn't find 'the perfect' jar, but I did walk out of the shuk with a really cute little olive oil jug for the counter.
Our next stop was one of the fun earring shops on King George. I found these cutie-pies for Purim. :) I like buggies Brenda!!!
Next stop - Hair-things!!! Check out the FUN colors!!! Ok, well - I think they're fun and 'cool'!
That was the extent of my adventures today. Dinner was yummy. After frosting the rest of the cakes and eating the last chicken soup (in order to make room for the cakes in the freezer) we went to the neighbors and got some 'real' food.

What else happened today? Not much that I can think of. Some sweet messages and some poetic banter. But that about sums it up.

Oooooof, time to go clean the frosting off the ceiling.

Ok, so now we know why you aren't supposed to pick up the mixer before it comes to a complete stop...


the masked one said...

2 titles in a row that i've understood!! (ok so one of them is mine but whatever) Its quite impressive! i like this being able to talk to u all day thing! b'H for new computers! tty again tomorrow for more fun and games? hehe

tnspr569 said...

Hey- doesn't my mid-day visit to your office count for anything?