Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Yup yup yup..."

I figured that for my 613th post I should put up something amusing. Why? I'm not quite sure. Actually - I just wanted to put up something funny while I'm still in a happy mood after waking up and before spending a day getting jaded and sad out in the 'real world' - blech, this 'real world' stuff can be such a drag sometimes. But you know what? It's important to focus on the good.

And so, I present to you -
Without much ado -
Fuzzy and blue -

Have a Happy Hop Water Day and enjoy your Tuesday! It's Yom Shlishi already? Little Brother has a day off army - I expect to be bugged! Shosh comes back to The Ranch tonight!! Also, Shabbos is coming and Dum is coming for Shabbos!

Get excited!!
I know I am!! :)

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