Saturday, February 17, 2007

Z'heeee Butttum...

Shavua Tov! Chodesh Tov! Happy Belated Birthday Saba! Happy Early Birthday Mommy! Shabbos was VERY nice. Like, REALLY REALLY nice! Friday morning was spent at the shul setting up the kiddush. Dum and her friend Dina came for Shabbos.

Friday night we got to shul a little late and then the meal was fun followed by Apples to Apples and then after much giggling many hours of sleep.

We got up bright and early Shabbos morning and made our way to shul to set up the rest of the kiddush. The affair was pulled off without a hitch and a bunch of people swarmed my mother to try and convince her to cater their upcoming s'machot. We were so full after the kiddush that lunch started after 1 and then we had just enough time left for a quick Shabbos nap.

Shabbos ended (as usual) much too quickly and now we're finding some melava malka and watching some 'Dirty Dancing' - I've included some pictures below of our 'fun' time making, baking and being. Enjoy!
Shlokit Cake!!! Aren't I just the CUTEST?!
Cupcakes are deeeeeelicious Stuff in the trolley...
Smile mine Freddie-o!
Hat Boxes / Height Givers - (when you put 'em on z'hee buttum)
Pretty Chocolate Covered Pretzels - Till 2 a.m. baby!!!
Happy Dibble! (What else? Even when he's screaming - he's happy!?)
Cucumbers = מלפפוניםs...
Get me outta this trolley. And next time, I DON'T wanna go down the hill...
1/2 Frosted Cookies. Where's the cream filling?
Cooooooookie!!! (We missed you Little Brother! MWAH!)

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TJ said...

Mmm... it all looks so yummy! Now that we know you can make things like that we will expect you to bring similar things to work (but please do it on a day I am not feeling sick-LOL)