Saturday, March 31, 2007

Black Absinthe...

Friday night meal was organized at the shul - 100 or so people and lots of chicken. Sammy and I ate 4 pieces of chicken - the fact that they were the same 4 pieces in negligible.

Shani and Tamir showed up as planned to whisk us away from the monotony of sitting at the shul with a zillion noisy kids and a whole bunch of noisy adults with almost nothing interested to gossip about. (Better now?!)

We wandered to Nofei Aviv and on the way we traversed a field of wild weeds and avoided the rabid bunny rabbits who lurked in the underbrush. In the relative safety of Nofei Aviv a random humanoid named Ivan inquired whether we spoke English. In a moment of silliness we conceded that we did and he tagged along as we headed deeper into the wilds of the cobblestoned streets of 'America-ville.' As we approached the park and all of the people doing the 'socializing' thing, the strange humanoid (like a light) attracted the attention of the ever-intrigued group of Avivians. After a couple of laughs and much stupidity and congatulating the Woof on her new BROWN belt we headed off to Sheinfeld. Things went even more strangely there. Then as we walked down to Gan Ha'Vradim (in the wrong direction mind you) - we discussed child molesters and when we finally concluded that we were heading the wrong way we turned uphill towards a new wrong destination. Finally, on the dark winding staircase we ran into the sketchy 'ars' who confirmed the fact that the humanoid had too many odd connections. Eventually we got him to the right street and as we headed Home we heard footsteps running behind us, "Don't even ask" was all he said as he dashed past. We continued down the hill towards our street when Woof realized that she was supposed to be Home because she was supposed to be having a friend sleep over - so Freddie and I walked her back to Nofei Aviv and finally got Home at almost 1 when the 'high' Israelis wander the streets.

Shabbos morning Freddie and I entertained the Dibble until we headed to the shul for the meal, which was quite uneventful. Back at Home I took a 45 minute nap on the hammock, which left me with a sunburn. I then moved to my bed, where I slept until an hour before Shabbos ended when I went down to have an ice-cream party and read Calvin and Hobbes.

Eventually Daddy came Home from shul and made Havdala. Then we called the pizza man (who lives on Pizza Lane and up Sauce Road) for some food. Tonight we are switching over our kitchen, and there is officially no food to eat in the house.

We have just been informed that we will not be eating 'gebrux' this year. No matzah balls?! I think there may be mutiny.

Also, I have work tomorrow...
Get excited?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Save a tree. Eat a beaver."

For anyone who has come to visit me at work - do you remember the dinosaur of a screen I had? It took up the WHOLE desk... Well, today I got upgraded to a very pretty and space efficient 19" flat-screen!!!
I went into the office an hour early and left 25 minutes late. How does that work? Well, ask TJ or me or anyone else who isn't family and they will tell you that our employers have this really bad habit of only remembering that there is work to be done in the last 15 minutes before you leave.

I still made the 5:40 bus - but just barely. I should've stopped off for dinner somewhere. The note on the picture below should clarify why...

When the fridge at The Ranch looks like this I'm not usually too worried however, when our fridge at Home is this desolate - well, I start to get nervous... (Note the beer. Hehe, Shabbos party anybody?)
Crembos have a decidedly oniony/garlicy aftertaste. Odd, no? Toffee got a new purse - strange teddy. Tomorrow he needs to go into the wash while we switch over our kitchen...
All in all this week got progressively better. Today was quite mediocre - not that there is anything wrong with mediocrity, it's just - I like to have spice and flavor and this boring tinged with 'yuck' isn't any fun.

On the bright side - Shabbos is coming and I'm hoping for a nice long shluff in the hammock. Of course, tomorrow morning will be spent scouring my bedroom - I don't think I have the koach to do it tonight. At least there's no cooking to be done as all Shabbos meals are being eaten with most of the kehila at the shul.

A thought for the night: Happiness isn't earned - it is a right. Happiness is something that you need to decide to be - no one else can decide on it for you.

P.S. Everyone deserves to feel warm and fuzzy sometimes!!! :o)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"He loved humankind dearly and with all his heart, but he disliked most human beings." ~W. Somerset Maugham

It is now 9:20 at night and feels like 2:00 in the morning. I did nothing productive today (as seems to be the trend of the week.) Above is a picture of my fish Guh-Filter staring out the window. If I were him I would also rather stare out than at my mess of a bed which is pictured below. I have a funny feeling that tonight I am going to be sleeping on the couch...
Here are my bookshelves. This little case is a part of my collection. The rest all still live at Home. (Of course, there are also the ones the Little Brother has - but we won't go into that now...)
Look!!! I actually found my table!!! It was somewhere, under much stuff that is currently residing in a garbage can...
I have one lonely flip flop. I think the other one ran off with my sanity...
Below is a photo of our shower curtain at The Ranch. There IS a story behind it - but that is on a 'need to know' basis and YOU don't need to know... :P
I miss my Becca!!! She brought us this sign last year when she came to visit and every time I see it I think of her!!! (Of course, I think of her lots more times every day too...obviously!)
This is what we've been eating at The Ranch - since about 2 weeks ago when the 'no more buying chametz' ban was placed upon me by the strict Rajah of The Ranch... :oP Luv ya my Dunce!!!!
Basically, today has been ---
never mind, I can't even think of a word for it.
The week is almost over. Thankfully. It's crazy, I haven't had such an unproductive feeling week in a REALLY long time and frankly I HATE them.
Tomorrow I head Home to clean there...
Wish me luck?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's not like it's shoes, It's a fridge!

Well, to say that the office was bland today would be an understatement. It was worse than that AND I was three secretaries at once (why do I only get one salary?!)

All I can say is that I was MORE than glad that I decided to change out of my 'clothes' this morning. I almost made the mistake of wearing tights and shoes, but at the last minute I threw on a wrap skirt and a pair of sweatpants. Best idea I had ALL day and PERFECT for the atmosphere in the office. To make things more amusing, my old Naot sandals (which is the pair that I wear when I am in Jerusalem) have started squeaking when I walk. So - to make it a little quieter in the office I simply walk around barefoot. :)

So I spent an awfully boring day in the office, but I was basically in pajamas and socks so it was ok...

I love 6 shekel dinners.

I NEED to clean out my room at The Ranch. Maybe that should be my project for tonight.

Random comments to some of the incredible people who never fail to make me smile:
Big Sis - to sum it all up - I LUV YOU!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. check your Facebook wall...)
Tamir - I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolate Twizzler. I asked my Little Brother to bring back some more for me after Pesach, I hope he remembers. We still need to drink chocolate milk with them - but that will have to wait. And I just want to let you know that today I was in the mood to run down the street singing the theme song from Sesame Street...So I did. You inspired me. Thanks! :)
Partner - THANK YOU for listening to me kvetch today!!! I really needed to blow off the steam and I'm sorry it was in your direction but it REALLY REALLY helped.
My Chayal - Not that you'll see this till whenever you're around next AND I remind you to check my blog, but I just wanted to say thank you for always being there for me.
Little Brother - BRING MY BOOKS BACK IN ONE PIECE!!! Thanks for being you! (And don't forget the Twizzlers, I'm counting on you...)
Littlest Sister - You're a QUACK!!! Thanks for trying to get me my waffles...

Off to clean for Pesach - wish me luck and keep me faaaar away from the chemicals.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hopeful hearts will find forever Roses underneath the snow! ~George Cooper

Today followed in yesterday's footsteps. Not so grand but at least I didn't feel useless. Instead of dwelling on today I will share with you an incredible gift given to me by someone I love very much and who has made such an incredible impact on my life.
I love the springtime - when everything is in bloom and hope seems to blossom as life bursts into vibrant colors all around.
Everything holds so much promise and so much potential. All it needs is some tender care and the inspiration to grow.
On Erev Shabbat I was gifted with this stunning rose. Not only was it beautiful to look at but it smelled incredible. The leaves were soft and the thorns were as sharp as needles.

Of course, I should have looked to the rose for advice on how to face the last few days. Of course there are thorns, but in the end - you've also got the rose and it is worth all of the pain.

The trick, I am learning, is how you handle it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

"It is hard to sleep when one is being watched..."

Main Entry: angry
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: mad
affronted, annoyed , antagonized, bitter, chafed, choleric, convulsed, cross, displeased, enraged, exacerbated, exasperated, ferocious, fierce, fiery, fuming , furious, galled , hateful, heated , hot, huffy , ill-tempered, impassioned, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriated, irascible, irate, ireful, irritable, irritated, maddened, nettled, offended, outraged, passionate, piqued, provoked, raging, resentful, riled, sore, splenetic, storming, sulky, sullen, tumultuous, turbulent, uptight, vexed, wrathful
calm, content , euphoric, gleeful , happy, joyful , joyous, pleased
Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)Copyright © 2007 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC.

Well, first I woke up at 5. Then I woke up at 6. Then I woke up at 7 and had to turn off the alarm clock - because evidently, I set it. Since I was out of bed, I decided to shower.

Being totally unaccustomed to having hot water and water pressure in a shower at the same time, I stayed under the water a litle longer than I should have - still, I DIDN'T need to be told off for it. After all - I am not on vacation this week so I can't sleep late and spend my days wandering around the house - cleaning or otherwise.

I caught a bus to Jerusalem. The driver was obnoxious and yelled at me for getting on his bus because I needed to get to Jerusalem. Then my i-pod battery died, even though I charged it on Thursday. So I had no music as I sat on the bus in traffic next to a smelly old woman. Not to mention the fact that the bus was so old that the driver wouldn't even risk putting on the air-conditioning. To conclude the bus-ride from heck, I got yelled at by other 'people'(?) when I tried to open the window.

Finally in the city I headed to work and mind you I rushed to be at the office on time. Usually I don't start until 12 on Sundays, but my boss requested that I come in at 10 because it is the week before Pesach and there is a lot to do. Suffice it to say, she didn't waltz in until 11:30 and at 4:30 PM I was still sitting and doing nothing. Of course, in the interim all of the other 'bosses' in the office made use of my 'spare time' and I typed up a bunch of proposals and made a bunch of phone calls which THEIR secretaries (if they could keep them for more than 2 months) SHOULD have made.

At 4:45 PM the head boss strolls out of his office and says to me, "if you have nothing to do - you can go home." As I stand up and take my bag out of the cabinet, one of the subordinate bosses comes out and hands me another proposal to type up.

At 4:52 PM I gathered up all of my stuff and headed out as quickly and quietly as I could. I decided to stick to my resolution to try and avoid eating too many things that make my system go haywire, a mere week before Pesach - which basically leaves me with the options of salad or salad.

I walked back to the Ranch and ate some salad (at the table of course, because the couch has been vacuumed out and wiped down already) and now I need to find something to do.

Can somebody explain to me why I bothered getting out of bed this morning? I didn't accomplish anything, I didn't achieve anything. I didn't contribute to anything. I didn't make anyone smile or feel better. I did NOTHING productive today. What a waste!!!

The part that really gets me isn't even the fact that I had to travel and I had to rush and that it was inconvenient for me - it's just annoying in the big picture, because today was a day and now it is gone and it can never be refunded or redone and I wasted it.

Wasting time is wasting life and wasting life is one of the worst things of all...

Friday, March 23, 2007

You Know You Want It...

"Smooshy, I let you not eat the French roast."

I love the 'week before Pesach eat everything that you want/need to get rid of so that it isn't in your house, even if nothing actually goes together' stage.

By this I mean, waking up and eating borekkas, sweet potato roll, double dipped chocolate donuts and tivol for breakfast. Why would one do such a thing? Well, the Pesach meat order was on the way. Evidently.

Shabbos is coming. It should be a nice quiet one. I'm hoping for a nice walk tonight, some quality time tomorrow and maybe even a nap in the hammock - especially if the weather tomorrow is like today. I mean, it's 10:20 in the morning and the thermometer is clocking in at 23.7 degrees Celsius already.

I can't help it, I love the summer!
Of course, I say this until it gets too hot to actually think about going outside and I'm itchy from mosquito bites -
then I miss the icy coldness of the winter.

But for now, I'm waiting for the warmth of the sun and the heat of the summer.

Have a great shabbos!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"I've done horrifying things with salad tongs. It's really eaten into my social life..."

So I woke up early this morning. Like, I could've slept another 45 minutes (at least) but I didn't and no sleep is (unfortunately) not transferable. At least I was productive, I washed all of the dishes...

Walked to work. It was warm and sunny out. (Strange, especially since it snowed last week.)

Work was the usual. At least I got a quick break out in the sunshine, and I got an iced coffee.

Shosh came to rescue me from the office, and I still left 20 minutes late. We went to Geulah and wandered from store to store in search of new clothes for chag. We were both completely unsuccesful. So we walked back to The Ranch and somehow along the way we wound up at Center 1 eating a decidedly late dinner. After a long relaxing meal (and a phone call for me from somebody special...) we bumped into Libby, shmoozed and finally headed back to our abode.

At about 10:55 Freddie called me but it was REALLY Little Brother, and Freddie said she'd come sleep over. She called me back 10 minutes later and told me to meet her are TM at a quarter to midnight. So, I (like a good sister) found some clothes, packed up my teddy and headed out. We caught the last bus back to Bet Shemesh and yeah, we're Home.

Last thought for tonight, the weather is spring warm.
Tonight is perfect weather for one or two things
like, sleeping on the beach with a friend
or cuddling in the hammock
chaval I'm missing it...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Boring Day of Missing My Chayal...

Cooking Tips and Advice:
Question: I would like to cook a gourmet meal with a daffodil consomme. Are daffodil leaves edible?
Answer: I would not attempt to eat daffodil. The bulb of daffodil contains lycorine or narcissine a toxin that acts as an emetic in small amounts and can cause collapse and death by paralysis of the central nervous system in larger doseages. There have been recorded cases of poisonings from people mistakenly eating daffodil bulbs thinking they were onions. While lycorine is concentrated in the bulb of daffodil, the leaves do contain it is lesser amounts. Again, I certainly would not eat daffodil.
~David Trinklein (Department of Horticulture)

A Fear for the Day:

Luposlipaphobia: An abnormal, persistent fear of of being pursued by timber wolves around a kitchen table while wearing socks on a newly waxed floor

And I Quote:
"The only normal people are the one's you don't know very well."
~Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler (1870-1937)

Suggested Music to Soothe Postwork-overstressation:
Loreena McKennitt

Staight From Wikipedia:
All about the ELLIPSIS -

Ellipsis Έλλειψις (plural: ellipses ελλείψεις, Greek for "omission") in linguistics refers to any omitted part of speech that is understood; i.e. the omission is intentional. Analogously, in printing and writing, the term refers to the row of three dots (... or . . . ) or asterisks (* * *) indicating such an intentional omission. This punctuation mark is also called a suspension point, points of ellipsis , periods of ellipsis, or colloquially, dot-dot-dot.

An ellipsis is sometimes used to indicate a pause in speech, an unfinished thought or, at the end of a sentence, a trailing off into silence...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mr. Gay Dar...

When I woke up at 7:00 this morning, I was a little confused as to where I was. Eventually I realized that I was Home in my bed. I finally got up, found my toothbrush and teddy bear and went downstairs. I love to see more-than-friends early in the morning...

Fringe and Frizzie attack the cake but the force-field prevents them from the sugary goodness of the chocolate yumminess.Work was annoying today. These 9 hour days are awful. Though, I did take an hour long break today and went out for lunch with Shosh. We got some frozen yogurt too.

After work Freddie, Brenda and Re'ut came and rescued me from my office. We walked out to The Old City and paid a MUCH needed visit to the Kotel.

After dropping Brenda off at TM we headed to The Ranch. Freddie made some 'vulgar' and we drinked a bottle of Muscato. My Woof showed up to visit and then we 'cleaned' - ripped down paper chains and wiped down shelves and talked about, never mind...

Some things are better left - unshared. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sketchers & Honeybees...

"deaf men yell at mute speakers."

This epitomizes my office.

That was 9 hours of my day.

Followed by a bus ride Home (and I mean, ALL the way.) With many thoughtless Israeli soccer (I mean, football) brutes. May I add, all pint sized. (As in - under the age of 11.)

At Home there wasn't much dinner and I settled for a cup of coffee - or three.

My tacos were eaten by others and I am left to waste away to nothingness (ok, so that'll take a couple of months - but it's ok. Right? Ok, no. But that's not the point.) Mebbe if this diet succeeds I'll be able to take that pretty skirt of Freddie's that I've had my eye on for the last long while...

I'm off to the basement to find some way to entertain myself... :oP

And I leave you to ponder the ridiculous notion of frogs wearing yellow slippers and eating ice cream with tigers and their orange umbrellas.

Can I help you sir?...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

How Long?

Well, strangely enough I woke up early this morning. So Daddy drove me to the corner where I caught an early bus into The City and wound up at the office almost an hour early. I filed, then I did a ton of stuff and wound up leaving late.

After work I walk straight down to visit my Big Sis. She fed me yummy dinner and shmoozed and finally I decided to head out so she could get some sleep. :) Thank for the pants by the way, they were VERY much appreciated. Now I guess I'll have to stop by again to bring them back... :)

I then made my way down to Feige's apartment. We shmoozed and she gave me a smelly present which was really really nice of her and some cookies! Thanks Feige!! And I really will throw it into the tub... ;)

Then I caught a bus back to my side of town and made my way back to The Ranch.

And now - I do believe that it is waaay past time to get some sleep.

Tomorrow the adventure continues...

“Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.” ~Paulo Coelho

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stu-ey Gasses...

Well, Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful. Did I mention the rain? We piled into the car (eventually) and got underway to Neve Aliza for Tova & Simcha's Shabbat Sheva Brachot. The rain was incredible (and wet) and we had a pretty uneventful trip out to the yishuv.
Shabbos was very nice. All meals were eaten at the shul and of course we never turn down the opportunity to spend 'quality time' with the cousins.

Friday night was uneventful and we got a nice extra little shpatzir up the hill. We made it to Shul on time enough and after davening was the meal. We were visited by leprachauns who made off with the silverware, ate highlighter green stuff to dye our tongues and then the chair collapsed under Eli's weight... :oPAfter Shabbos we packed up and as we waited to go Daddy expanded his vocabulary.

It's good to be educated. :)
Shavua Tov!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

"You're so Domesticated..."?!?

The alarm clock beeped it's annoying 'beep beep' this morning and for some funny reason Freddie didn't get out of bed to turn it off. After almost 45 minutes I remembered something VERY important. Freddie was not Home...

Daddy had to take the car into The City for an 'oil change' and some other 'stuff' - so I joined him. We took the 'tunnel roads' - past Beitar, through the tunnels and into the city from the south-west. At first there was pouring rain - which turned into slush and finally into sticky snowflakes - only to change into big fluffy flakes as we approached The City.
Daddy turned on the defroster and said, "Wow, it's not often I get to push this button!"

In The City we dropped off the car then caught a 14 toward 'town' and TM. I headed to the office only 15 minutes late and it was a crazy 8 hours of 'catching up' (which I guess I deserved considering that I took off 2 days...)

A 'new girl' started today. She is part-time and 'temp' (supposedly.) She's cute, and we'll see how things go. (Gotta admit, I do miss Chaya!!!)

Caught a 416 Home and spent the ride standing near a neighbor, a friend and a cutie. How random is that? It only ever happens when I don't have the time, energy or contacts for it. ;) Freddie, he was your type - chaval you weren't with me...

They saved me some dinner, I took a shower and thanks to the popcorn fight - I smell all buttery instead of sweet, clean and yummy.

Oh well. I suppose there are worse things...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Oooooh, Pretty Colors..."

I got a late start this morning. But I didn't have anywhere to be so I took my sweet time. Mommy and I headed out to greet Shosh at the airport - as she arrived in Israel on Aliyah!!! Toffee and I got comfortable as we waited for the Nefesh B'Nefesh group to arrive.
FINALLY Shosh came out! It was so funny! She was only away for a week - and I can't tell if it's been a long one or not. I have been so ridiculously busy!
After our brief meeting at the airport, Mommy and I headed out to Netanya. First we were stalked by a green Tivol truck.
At Ikea, we got ready to have some fun... :)
I'd call this one a 'Teddy Bear Picnic...'
After almost 3 hours of non-stop Ikea wandering, Mommy and I checked out a love-seat (which I REALLY wanted - but decided not to get) then we paid and made our way back to the car.
Toffee was waiting for us at the car. He had chosen NOT to tire himself out shopping and had opted to wait in the car and eat Bamba instead. Strange Bear, I know.

The conversation topics in the car on the way Home were highly entertaining and we stopped off in the flash-rain/hail-shower to pick up some lettuce and cucumbers for Brenda.

Next time we'll split the driving and we'll bring good music. Not that I have anything against the Maniacs, but I would've enjoyed the 'dirty' music even more. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cheesy Mousse...

So, I took off from work today. I spent the morning relaxing, grocery shopping and enjoying life in general. Mommy gave me a haircut (only 2 inches) and I took a nap in the big chair in the living room. The best I could do in the 'cuddle' department was Toffee and Mickey. The afternoon flew by and before I knew it we were at the Shul for Tova and Simcha's Sheva Brachot.
It was really quite nice. Saba and Savta invited lots of their friends and it was mostly family.
The guests of honor showed up late - but they showed up, which is the important part. :)
Even Chaim, who went into the IDF today was able to make it.
Saba and Daddy ran around introducing everyone to everyone else and helping to make sure that things were running smoothly.
Daddy even gave a Dvar Torah. These were his notes.
The dessert was good. It was pretty too. :)
Mommy and Aunt Sharon even got to spend some time together!
By the end of the night I was falling off my feet but as usual I was in good spirits and highly amused, as I usually am after spending a few hours with my cousins.

Back at Home everything is quiet. I stole a bottle of coconut flavored(?) hand soap and I think now it is time to get some sleep.

Big day tomorrow cause Shosh is coming HOME!!! :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

"Tell me how you love her Will..."

Shlepped myself out of bed this morning to catch a bus into The City. Work was long, very long. Now that there are only 2 of us at the front desk, trying to get everything done while answering the phones and keeping the front door closed is a seemingly impossible task. DOWN with ridiculously busy, slightly maniac deadline Mondays. I have no koach for them. On the bright side - I had my partner online to keep me sane and listen to me kvetch...

After work I met up with Feige, who I haven't spent time with in - what was it, 5 months? 6 months?! I feel like pond scum! I am awful at keeping in touch with people and it makes me so sad. Thankfully, some people haven't given up on me, which I really appreciate because I honestly DO love spending time with them.

I caught the 10:00 bus Home and went straight up to my room when I got there.

I got a very special phone call that left me smiling ear to ear.

I think I can now go to sleep and have some sugary-sweet dreams.

Yum. :)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

But only for you.

So this afternoon was Tova and Simcha's wedding. It was out at a very nice hall in Petah Tiqwa.Weddings (although they are fun) always sort of bum me out nowadays. Evidently the people getting married are getting their fairy-tale ending (even though it's just the beginning and all the hard stuff comes after and blah blah blah - I know I know.) Still, I always kinda wish it was my turn to get mine too.

Anywho - thanks to my brilliant Mother, Freddie and I sat with the 'friends' and had a decidedly dead table.
Thankfully, our little siblings and cousins were at a table - so we rounded up a couple of glasses of wine and sat and shmoozed with them.
Eventually the party ended and we headed Home. Last picture of the night - I just couldn't resist...
Anywho - tomorrow is back to work for a day. Wish me luck...