Thursday, March 08, 2007

Belly Dancing... :)

Well, today started out like a typical Thursday. Or so I thought. Until...
Things started going 'funny' when my coworker finally gave-up with trying to deal with the obnoxious attitudes in the office. She walked out the door never to return again.

Freddie came to visit bearing Laffahs fresh from the Shuk.

After work I shlepped down to the OU center (as planned) but the person I had done the shlepping for was not yet there. So I wandered to a park and relaxed until they decided to show up. Then it was all, setting off alarms accidentally and wrapping-up practices.
Finally we headed over to my Big Sis's place. The Munchkins were sleeping and after about a month I FINALLY got some MUCH appreciated shmooze time with my Sis.

Have I mentioned that those couches are very comfortable? :)

I totally would have slept over - but you know the whole deal with friends who are scared to walk home alone in the dark... ;)

Tomorrow morning - "Waiting for Godot" - on Ben Yehuda....

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