Saturday, March 31, 2007

Black Absinthe...

Friday night meal was organized at the shul - 100 or so people and lots of chicken. Sammy and I ate 4 pieces of chicken - the fact that they were the same 4 pieces in negligible.

Shani and Tamir showed up as planned to whisk us away from the monotony of sitting at the shul with a zillion noisy kids and a whole bunch of noisy adults with almost nothing interested to gossip about. (Better now?!)

We wandered to Nofei Aviv and on the way we traversed a field of wild weeds and avoided the rabid bunny rabbits who lurked in the underbrush. In the relative safety of Nofei Aviv a random humanoid named Ivan inquired whether we spoke English. In a moment of silliness we conceded that we did and he tagged along as we headed deeper into the wilds of the cobblestoned streets of 'America-ville.' As we approached the park and all of the people doing the 'socializing' thing, the strange humanoid (like a light) attracted the attention of the ever-intrigued group of Avivians. After a couple of laughs and much stupidity and congatulating the Woof on her new BROWN belt we headed off to Sheinfeld. Things went even more strangely there. Then as we walked down to Gan Ha'Vradim (in the wrong direction mind you) - we discussed child molesters and when we finally concluded that we were heading the wrong way we turned uphill towards a new wrong destination. Finally, on the dark winding staircase we ran into the sketchy 'ars' who confirmed the fact that the humanoid had too many odd connections. Eventually we got him to the right street and as we headed Home we heard footsteps running behind us, "Don't even ask" was all he said as he dashed past. We continued down the hill towards our street when Woof realized that she was supposed to be Home because she was supposed to be having a friend sleep over - so Freddie and I walked her back to Nofei Aviv and finally got Home at almost 1 when the 'high' Israelis wander the streets.

Shabbos morning Freddie and I entertained the Dibble until we headed to the shul for the meal, which was quite uneventful. Back at Home I took a 45 minute nap on the hammock, which left me with a sunburn. I then moved to my bed, where I slept until an hour before Shabbos ended when I went down to have an ice-cream party and read Calvin and Hobbes.

Eventually Daddy came Home from shul and made Havdala. Then we called the pizza man (who lives on Pizza Lane and up Sauce Road) for some food. Tonight we are switching over our kitchen, and there is officially no food to eat in the house.

We have just been informed that we will not be eating 'gebrux' this year. No matzah balls?! I think there may be mutiny.

Also, I have work tomorrow...
Get excited?


tnspr569 said...

Hmm...I wonder how no grebrochts came about?

Still, at least it's Polly food.

Chag Kasher V'Sameach to the entire family if I call before the start of the chag.

'Yo Abba said...

" whisk us away from the monotony of sitting at the shul with a ton of ridiculously self-centered people who only hear what they choose to hear and only choose to listen to whatever they say - which sadly, is quite a lot of rubbish"

I think that some things are better left unpublished. I know we don't live in a perfect world, so until then I don't think it's proper to slander an entire community in public for the faults of a few.

'Yo Abba