Sunday, March 11, 2007

But only for you.

So this afternoon was Tova and Simcha's wedding. It was out at a very nice hall in Petah Tiqwa.Weddings (although they are fun) always sort of bum me out nowadays. Evidently the people getting married are getting their fairy-tale ending (even though it's just the beginning and all the hard stuff comes after and blah blah blah - I know I know.) Still, I always kinda wish it was my turn to get mine too.

Anywho - thanks to my brilliant Mother, Freddie and I sat with the 'friends' and had a decidedly dead table.
Thankfully, our little siblings and cousins were at a table - so we rounded up a couple of glasses of wine and sat and shmoozed with them.
Eventually the party ended and we headed Home. Last picture of the night - I just couldn't resist...
Anywho - tomorrow is back to work for a day. Wish me luck...

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