Sunday, March 04, 2007

Enchanted - I'm Sure...

Woke up right on time to go to the 2nd megillah reading at Shul this morning. Then it was time to make up the mishloach manot baskets and start cooking for the seudah. Little Brother came over and somehow an all out waterfight began on the main-level (between "my sister and my that..." according to the Dibble.)

I spent the entire day noshing. I must admit, I am a hamentashen fan.

Spongebob stopped by squeaky nose and all and so did the Von Trapp Family bearing a brown paper package tied up with string, the crazy Mexican cowboy flung a water bomb at us (and missed) while a number of pirates made their way around the street.

Saba and Savta came for the seudah and after eating our fill, Freddie and I headed out to distribute flyers for tomorrows shuk purim. Sadly, I have to go to work and will be missing all the fun of the carnival - but that is just life sometimes. Things DON'T always go your way or the way that you might want them to go.

I finally decided to indulge myself - so I shlepped all of my stuff down to the basement and FINALLY (after only 3 months of planning) took that luxurious bubble bath that I had been dreaming of. After that, the only thing missing was a good massage...

Shani came over for a bit and then I watched part of the original 'Dirty Dancing' and now, I do believe that it is time to get some sleep.

Messed up schedule tomorrow.
I'll let you know how it goes...

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