Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"Her kisses left something to be desired...the rest of her." ~Author Unknown

Well, truth be told I am not sure if I ended yesterday or began today at 3:15 this morning. You see, Shosh left on a jet-plane for MerryCa and LandsBeyond on her journey back to The Holy Land as an Israeli Citizen.

Basically - by the time I was supposed to wake up for work I was more exhasuted than anything. Still, I dragged myself up and out.

It was a decidedly typical Tuesday and despite some grumpy bosses I put my most obnoxiously cute side forward and charmed them all to smiles and laughter. Ok, so not really - but at least I know that I was in a jovial type mood for most of today. And I DID get the bosses to crack a few smiles even though the tension in the office was so thick that the air crackled with it and a sense of gloom hung over the place.

On a VERY nice note - my Big Sis came to visit. Have I mentioned I have two of the yummiest nephews in the world?! (Thanks for the pastries by the way - I ate all of them cause they were left by me on the front counter...) It was GREAT to see her and it drove home to me (again) that I really don't like the job but I really do love and appreciate my coworkers!!!

About 1/2 an hour before it was time to go - Freddie showed up to rescue me. :)
We decided that it has been a wonderful week so far and that the atmosphere was begging for us to do something extravagant and 'out of the blue' which is how we wound up at:
After lots of shmoozing, some funny and thoughtful waiters, a lot of salad dressing, many chips, some lettuce, lots of laughs and a good time - we headed back out into the Jerusalem night.

Crisp and clear are the two words that I would use to describe the weather in The City tonight. It really is quite beautiful out there. I would go and wander the streets for a while - but someone who cares about me very much has strongly recommended that I postpone any night-time excursions for another time when I am more rested.

I would be loathe to agree, but frankly -
I'd much rather wait till I can take a stroll with them. :)
2 weeks and counting? Right? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Actually, my english is terrible. So, could you tell me what is that meen: "Her kisses left something to be desired...the rest of her." in simply words? It's important. Thank you ;)