Sunday, March 25, 2007

"It is hard to sleep when one is being watched..."

Main Entry: angry
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: mad
affronted, annoyed , antagonized, bitter, chafed, choleric, convulsed, cross, displeased, enraged, exacerbated, exasperated, ferocious, fierce, fiery, fuming , furious, galled , hateful, heated , hot, huffy , ill-tempered, impassioned, incensed, indignant, inflamed, infuriated, irascible, irate, ireful, irritable, irritated, maddened, nettled, offended, outraged, passionate, piqued, provoked, raging, resentful, riled, sore, splenetic, storming, sulky, sullen, tumultuous, turbulent, uptight, vexed, wrathful
calm, content , euphoric, gleeful , happy, joyful , joyous, pleased
Roget's New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)Copyright © 2007 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC.

Well, first I woke up at 5. Then I woke up at 6. Then I woke up at 7 and had to turn off the alarm clock - because evidently, I set it. Since I was out of bed, I decided to shower.

Being totally unaccustomed to having hot water and water pressure in a shower at the same time, I stayed under the water a litle longer than I should have - still, I DIDN'T need to be told off for it. After all - I am not on vacation this week so I can't sleep late and spend my days wandering around the house - cleaning or otherwise.

I caught a bus to Jerusalem. The driver was obnoxious and yelled at me for getting on his bus because I needed to get to Jerusalem. Then my i-pod battery died, even though I charged it on Thursday. So I had no music as I sat on the bus in traffic next to a smelly old woman. Not to mention the fact that the bus was so old that the driver wouldn't even risk putting on the air-conditioning. To conclude the bus-ride from heck, I got yelled at by other 'people'(?) when I tried to open the window.

Finally in the city I headed to work and mind you I rushed to be at the office on time. Usually I don't start until 12 on Sundays, but my boss requested that I come in at 10 because it is the week before Pesach and there is a lot to do. Suffice it to say, she didn't waltz in until 11:30 and at 4:30 PM I was still sitting and doing nothing. Of course, in the interim all of the other 'bosses' in the office made use of my 'spare time' and I typed up a bunch of proposals and made a bunch of phone calls which THEIR secretaries (if they could keep them for more than 2 months) SHOULD have made.

At 4:45 PM the head boss strolls out of his office and says to me, "if you have nothing to do - you can go home." As I stand up and take my bag out of the cabinet, one of the subordinate bosses comes out and hands me another proposal to type up.

At 4:52 PM I gathered up all of my stuff and headed out as quickly and quietly as I could. I decided to stick to my resolution to try and avoid eating too many things that make my system go haywire, a mere week before Pesach - which basically leaves me with the options of salad or salad.

I walked back to the Ranch and ate some salad (at the table of course, because the couch has been vacuumed out and wiped down already) and now I need to find something to do.

Can somebody explain to me why I bothered getting out of bed this morning? I didn't accomplish anything, I didn't achieve anything. I didn't contribute to anything. I didn't make anyone smile or feel better. I did NOTHING productive today. What a waste!!!

The part that really gets me isn't even the fact that I had to travel and I had to rush and that it was inconvenient for me - it's just annoying in the big picture, because today was a day and now it is gone and it can never be refunded or redone and I wasted it.

Wasting time is wasting life and wasting life is one of the worst things of all...


Tamir said...

The day isn't over yet, and I have faith that it will find meaning. If it hasn't already.

For the bestest partner ever said...

You didn't waste your day in the least bit! You made a profound affect on my day! Therefore it was totally worth it! ttys iy'H!

Chavs said...

just want to say hi! it has been too long! miss you and hope things are going well.

TJ said...

Just wanted to inform you that you made smile and seeing you always makes me feel better…