Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's not like it's shoes, It's a fridge!

Well, to say that the office was bland today would be an understatement. It was worse than that AND I was three secretaries at once (why do I only get one salary?!)

All I can say is that I was MORE than glad that I decided to change out of my 'clothes' this morning. I almost made the mistake of wearing tights and shoes, but at the last minute I threw on a wrap skirt and a pair of sweatpants. Best idea I had ALL day and PERFECT for the atmosphere in the office. To make things more amusing, my old Naot sandals (which is the pair that I wear when I am in Jerusalem) have started squeaking when I walk. So - to make it a little quieter in the office I simply walk around barefoot. :)

So I spent an awfully boring day in the office, but I was basically in pajamas and socks so it was ok...

I love 6 shekel dinners.

I NEED to clean out my room at The Ranch. Maybe that should be my project for tonight.

Random comments to some of the incredible people who never fail to make me smile:
Big Sis - to sum it all up - I LUV YOU!!!!!!!!!!! (p.s. check your Facebook wall...)
Tamir - I'm glad you enjoyed the chocolate Twizzler. I asked my Little Brother to bring back some more for me after Pesach, I hope he remembers. We still need to drink chocolate milk with them - but that will have to wait. And I just want to let you know that today I was in the mood to run down the street singing the theme song from Sesame Street...So I did. You inspired me. Thanks! :)
Partner - THANK YOU for listening to me kvetch today!!! I really needed to blow off the steam and I'm sorry it was in your direction but it REALLY REALLY helped.
My Chayal - Not that you'll see this till whenever you're around next AND I remind you to check my blog, but I just wanted to say thank you for always being there for me.
Little Brother - BRING MY BOOKS BACK IN ONE PIECE!!! Thanks for being you! (And don't forget the Twizzlers, I'm counting on you...)
Littlest Sister - You're a QUACK!!! Thanks for trying to get me my waffles...

Off to clean for Pesach - wish me luck and keep me faaaar away from the chemicals.

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~{~~@ said...

k i guess everyoe on that list should b jealous of me:)
should i come visit today?