Thursday, March 22, 2007

"I've done horrifying things with salad tongs. It's really eaten into my social life..."

So I woke up early this morning. Like, I could've slept another 45 minutes (at least) but I didn't and no sleep is (unfortunately) not transferable. At least I was productive, I washed all of the dishes...

Walked to work. It was warm and sunny out. (Strange, especially since it snowed last week.)

Work was the usual. At least I got a quick break out in the sunshine, and I got an iced coffee.

Shosh came to rescue me from the office, and I still left 20 minutes late. We went to Geulah and wandered from store to store in search of new clothes for chag. We were both completely unsuccesful. So we walked back to The Ranch and somehow along the way we wound up at Center 1 eating a decidedly late dinner. After a long relaxing meal (and a phone call for me from somebody special...) we bumped into Libby, shmoozed and finally headed back to our abode.

At about 10:55 Freddie called me but it was REALLY Little Brother, and Freddie said she'd come sleep over. She called me back 10 minutes later and told me to meet her are TM at a quarter to midnight. So, I (like a good sister) found some clothes, packed up my teddy and headed out. We caught the last bus back to Bet Shemesh and yeah, we're Home.

Last thought for tonight, the weather is spring warm.
Tonight is perfect weather for one or two things
like, sleeping on the beach with a friend
or cuddling in the hammock
chaval I'm missing it...

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TJ said...

Thanks for the ice-coffe....