Saturday, March 03, 2007

John Don Fuzzy...

Shabbos was really nice. Friday night Shani and I 'shpatz'ed around the neighborhood (ok, so a little further than the neighborhood - but it was nice.) Made it to shul for revii' and then lunch was early and chalavi which was really nice. Spent Shabbos afternoon with Little Brother and Shani. First a nap in the hammock then a rainshower and finally rummikub - which I actually won - once anyway...

Megillah reading was quick and relatively painless. Mory read and it wasn't toooo bad. I got a few comments on my stomach and then we headed Home.
Back at Home we decided that tonight's activity would be COOKIES!!! :)
Woof and The Squeaky One stopped by with a few friends to say Hi!!!Of course, Cookie Monster wanted to get in on the fun!
And then Cookie wanted to play with Cookie playing with Cookie!
Lots of fun.
Lots and Lots of fun!
Heehee, I like fun!


tnspr569 said...

Thanks for the yummy cookies! The other refreshments were also appreciated!

Mory said...

You seem to be implying that you had a problem with my Megillah reading. If so, I'd very much appreciate if you could be more specific, so that I could try to improve on it for next year. Thanks!

Lorelai said...

Mory - you did a GREAT job! I was actually highly entertained by the voices (though I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Haman had a French accent...) Plus, you read at a good speed - not too fast and not too slow.

Actually, the only critique I have is - maybe next time, start the last bracha (after the Megillah) on a bit of a lower note. It really is a beautiful tune. :o)

Mory said...

Believe me, I was beating myself up about that last tune afterwards. Here's what happened- I accidentally started out much too high, so it was hopeless to begin with. But then, the book I was reading the bracha out of turned out (though I only noticed halfway through) to be an alternate version to the one I composed the tune for. Meaning, one phrase was before the other, which completely threw me off and I pretty much mumbled through the rest until I got to that last note which I couldn't hit to save my life.

So yeah, I know it was a disaster. In the morning (when I was just rushing through the reading to let people get on with their days), I learned my lesson and read straight off the sheet music I'd written down, so it worked out better.

I suppose Haman really does sound French, since you're not the first person to make that comment. But the odd thing is, I never specifically tried to make him French. That's just the way it occurred to me to make him sound when I first read the megillah for my bar mitzvah: seen by the Persians as tremendously respectable, if a little slimey. If that's the French, sure, why not. It fits. By this point (after doing essentially the same voice four times), Haman is permanently ingrained in my mind with that voice, so I won't be changing that.