Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Oooooh, Pretty Colors..."

I got a late start this morning. But I didn't have anywhere to be so I took my sweet time. Mommy and I headed out to greet Shosh at the airport - as she arrived in Israel on Aliyah!!! Toffee and I got comfortable as we waited for the Nefesh B'Nefesh group to arrive.
FINALLY Shosh came out! It was so funny! She was only away for a week - and I can't tell if it's been a long one or not. I have been so ridiculously busy!
After our brief meeting at the airport, Mommy and I headed out to Netanya. First we were stalked by a green Tivol truck.
At Ikea, we got ready to have some fun... :)
I'd call this one a 'Teddy Bear Picnic...'
After almost 3 hours of non-stop Ikea wandering, Mommy and I checked out a love-seat (which I REALLY wanted - but decided not to get) then we paid and made our way back to the car.
Toffee was waiting for us at the car. He had chosen NOT to tire himself out shopping and had opted to wait in the car and eat Bamba instead. Strange Bear, I know.

The conversation topics in the car on the way Home were highly entertaining and we stopped off in the flash-rain/hail-shower to pick up some lettuce and cucumbers for Brenda.

Next time we'll split the driving and we'll bring good music. Not that I have anything against the Maniacs, but I would've enjoyed the 'dirty' music even more. :)

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