Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Save a tree. Eat a beaver."

For anyone who has come to visit me at work - do you remember the dinosaur of a screen I had? It took up the WHOLE desk... Well, today I got upgraded to a very pretty and space efficient 19" flat-screen!!!
I went into the office an hour early and left 25 minutes late. How does that work? Well, ask TJ or me or anyone else who isn't family and they will tell you that our employers have this really bad habit of only remembering that there is work to be done in the last 15 minutes before you leave.

I still made the 5:40 bus - but just barely. I should've stopped off for dinner somewhere. The note on the picture below should clarify why...

When the fridge at The Ranch looks like this I'm not usually too worried however, when our fridge at Home is this desolate - well, I start to get nervous... (Note the beer. Hehe, Shabbos party anybody?)
Crembos have a decidedly oniony/garlicy aftertaste. Odd, no? Toffee got a new purse - strange teddy. Tomorrow he needs to go into the wash while we switch over our kitchen...
All in all this week got progressively better. Today was quite mediocre - not that there is anything wrong with mediocrity, it's just - I like to have spice and flavor and this boring tinged with 'yuck' isn't any fun.

On the bright side - Shabbos is coming and I'm hoping for a nice long shluff in the hammock. Of course, tomorrow morning will be spent scouring my bedroom - I don't think I have the koach to do it tonight. At least there's no cooking to be done as all Shabbos meals are being eaten with most of the kehila at the shul.

A thought for the night: Happiness isn't earned - it is a right. Happiness is something that you need to decide to be - no one else can decide on it for you.

P.S. Everyone deserves to feel warm and fuzzy sometimes!!! :o)


Your Partner said...

Well this week wasn't all bad!! B'H for no lectures and g-mail! don't know what i'd have done without you! Thanks a ton partner!
Chag Kasher V'Sameach

tnspr569 said...

Fun stuff! Such an empty fridge (and the odd dinner situation) is quite sad for the Polly residence. I'm sure everything will be remedied soon, though.