Monday, March 19, 2007

Sketchers & Honeybees...

"deaf men yell at mute speakers."

This epitomizes my office.

That was 9 hours of my day.

Followed by a bus ride Home (and I mean, ALL the way.) With many thoughtless Israeli soccer (I mean, football) brutes. May I add, all pint sized. (As in - under the age of 11.)

At Home there wasn't much dinner and I settled for a cup of coffee - or three.

My tacos were eaten by others and I am left to waste away to nothingness (ok, so that'll take a couple of months - but it's ok. Right? Ok, no. But that's not the point.) Mebbe if this diet succeeds I'll be able to take that pretty skirt of Freddie's that I've had my eye on for the last long while...

I'm off to the basement to find some way to entertain myself... :oP

And I leave you to ponder the ridiculous notion of frogs wearing yellow slippers and eating ice cream with tigers and their orange umbrellas.

Can I help you sir?...

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