Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Stop Poking Me - That's Mine!..."

It was a typical Thursday with everything so utterly normal that it was enough to drive me mad. (Not glad mad or sad mad just a tad mad. Got it partner?)

After work I made my way Home with Freddie. We helped set the table and then had some 'break fast' of tomato soup and fettucine alfredo.

It was Ezri's birthday so Freddie and I stopped off and picked up some presents and Mommy baked him a special birthday cake. We lit the 1 & 0 candles along with the 'good-luck' one and then after carrying the thing to the table we lit all 10 sparklers. :)
The Dibble gave us a preview of his Purim costume (he is going as a Runescape Guy) and Fuzz-Buzz (I mean, Ezripoo) posed with his new fuzzy monkey.
Toffee got into the Holiday spirit and read through מגילת אסתר. Well, what did I tell you about him being an educated fur-ball?!
In this picture I think I was actually trying to think. How amusing is that? I mean, it doesn't happen too often and even when it does it doesn't always work too well. And I quote, "now why would you want to do that?" :P
Thank you for everything Saba and Savta!!! It was SO very appreciated! Thank you for the use of your house and for the quiet and for the company and for the advice and thank you for your unconditional love! I love you both so much!!!
All in all - it was a good day. Yes, quite a good day.
I'm mellow and sleepy - but I think I am content.
That's a good combination with which to start off the weekend, no?

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tnspr569 said...

Yay!! Glad to see your week ended on such a high note!! Shabbat Shalom to you and the rest of the Pollys!!