Saturday, March 17, 2007

Stu-ey Gasses...

Well, Friday morning dawned bright and beautiful. Did I mention the rain? We piled into the car (eventually) and got underway to Neve Aliza for Tova & Simcha's Shabbat Sheva Brachot. The rain was incredible (and wet) and we had a pretty uneventful trip out to the yishuv.
Shabbos was very nice. All meals were eaten at the shul and of course we never turn down the opportunity to spend 'quality time' with the cousins.

Friday night was uneventful and we got a nice extra little shpatzir up the hill. We made it to Shul on time enough and after davening was the meal. We were visited by leprachauns who made off with the silverware, ate highlighter green stuff to dye our tongues and then the chair collapsed under Eli's weight... :oPAfter Shabbos we packed up and as we waited to go Daddy expanded his vocabulary.

It's good to be educated. :)
Shavua Tov!!!

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