Monday, March 05, 2007

"Whoso loves believes the impossible." ~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

So today was Shushan Purim. I had to work. So I shlepped into Jerusalem and to the office and sat around doing absolutely nothing. But, as these things often go - it was not for nothing.

After being rescued from my office I got to spend a couple of hours in the sunshine. Have I mentioned how much I love parks? Green grass and trees and sunshine and fresh air!!! Eventually I made my way Home. Mommy decided to BBQ, how could I resist?! We watched part of Dirty Dancing (yes, again) and even played with our cell phones and made them sing in unison. Right Brenda? And finally I tracked down Cookie Monster. He went missing during yesterday's festivities - and now we know why...
Do his eyes look a little glassy to you? I thought they did, so I tucked him and his now empty bottle into bed - he just couldn't bear to be parted from it.

Speaking of bed - I think I should find my way there sooner rather than later.

Whaddaya reckon?