Saturday, April 21, 2007

2nd Cousins Once Removed...

Shabbos was nice.

Sara and Tovah were here. I love spending time with them. It's always so great to spend time with people from our 'old' life. :o)

Friday night we shmoozed and sang. Shabbat morning I skipped shul (again) and set the table instead. Lunch was nice and then I played spit and ERS with Ezri and spent some time resting on the hammock.

Shabbos eventually ended and Brenda is making waffles. I want to watch a movie. Maybe I can find someone to watch with.

I really wish I had gotten a chance to play Rummikub. Maybe next week?


Bob said...

I'm not going anywhere. ^_^

Sunhouse said...

Why didn't you mention anything about the visit from the 2nd cousins once removed?