Friday, April 06, 2007

A Bug Flew Up Her Nose...

Finally our annual Chol Hamoed Pesach trip to my favoritest place - the beach!!! We decided to go to Ashdod. It has been voted family favorite.
Sadly, when we got there the sun went behind the clouds and the water was very cold but we still had lots and lots of fun.
Brenda and I like our feet. Check out the pretty polish! :o)
Ezri is trying to hold back the sea and save the pile of sand...
The Dibble wants to be a sandmonster - he can be seen below coating himself in a layer of sand.
Daddy tries ever so hard to fold up his newspaper. I already have the other section which blew my way...
While I was sleeping someone put seashells on my tummy. What a silly place for seashells.
Look at that happy child!!!
All in all a very entertaining and wonderful day.
Shabbos is coming...
Have a good one!

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