Friday, April 27, 2007

Cumin & Cottage Cheese...

I woke up to a beautiful warm sunny morning in Bet Shemesh. Birds chirping, warm breeze, blazing sun - everything that makes a day great. My first stop, as always was out to the mirpeset to visit the garden. It is one of my favorite places. Of course, my trusty dusty camera came with me.
If you will permit me I will give you a quick tour of our garden at this stage. Above are our apples, they are growing quite nicely and amazingly enough are not buggy! Below we have our basil, which is doing really well. By the way, if you are ever at my house and we offer you pesto - the basil was grown on the roof...
One of the planters has a curtain of pretty flowers growing down off of it. I couldn't resist taking the picture.
I was perturbed to notice that although the plum tree blossomed beautifully a few months ago, no fruit seemed forthcoming. Upon closer inspection I found some plums growing high up on a branch. With a bit more searching I located a whole bunch or buds that will hopefully be plums in a few months. Our roses have been in bloom and smelling incredible for the last few weeks. They are on their last legs, but most of them are still quite magnificent.
Below is a picture of our MINT planter. Yep, you guessed it, if we offer you 'mint tea' in any way, shape or form chances are pretty good that the mint was collected from up here...
Sage has the funniest of leaves. It is so soft and fuzzy. You're welcome to come over and pet our cats, sage leaves and Dibble - all free of charge.
Like the purple flowers above, the pink flowers below were just to pretty not to photograph. Sadly my photography skills are not advanced enough for me to get the correct angles - what really caught my eye was the water droplets sparkling on the leaves. I'd like to look that pretty sometimes! :o)
How Middle-Eastern ARE we? We even have zataar growing up here! Yep, you know that really good, zataar chicken that my mother makes - well, you know what I'm going to say...
We had a slight disagreement about the plant pictured below. We thought it was lavender but Mommy said it had no smell. Turns out, after bruising the leaves that it most certainly IS lavender. We repotted it because it was taking over the small planter. I then cut back the flowers, which are now hanging to dry.
I can't help the fact that I love living here!!! Imagine waking up every morning with this view right outside your bedroom window, walking distance from your house!! I am still in awe of this place. The beauty and the vivid colors call to me every time I look out my window.
Anywho -
Shabbos is coming and I think I need to go do some helping downstairs.
Have a great one!!!

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tnspr569 said...

It's great that you appreciate the beauty around you!

Looks absolutely beautiful!