Monday, April 16, 2007

"Curiosity is the lust of the mind..."

Today was ok. Nothing terribly bad and nothing remarkably good. That's not to say that it was not hectic, it was. But it went well enough - considering the last few weeks.

I spent 9.5 hours at the office today. I think that my new level of 'obnoxious coldness' is either being conveniently overlooked or maybe I am not doing it as well as I think I am...

Shosh surprised me a little before 7:00 when she showed up with a yummy black & white cookie from Brooklyn Bakery. She knows that they are my favorite and I appreciated the gift soooo much!

We walked back to The Ranch and we made some spaghetti. Out of the blue, Chaya called so we shmoozed for a bit and did some catching up. I can honestly say that I miss her! We ended our conversation with, "we need to meet up sometime" and I really hope we get the chance!

All in all it was a generally boring day. I think I'll go read for a bit now.
I borrowed "And Rachel Was His Wife" from Savta and it is actually quite well written.

Hey, at least I am learning something. :o)

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