Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Define: Plunger...

They are building a bridge across the entrance to the city for the train. I am excited for the train, it will make it easier to get to the beach, a little more quickly and comfortably.
In honor of Yom Haatzmaut (which is coming up sooooooon) The City is getting ALL dressed up. Please note the polka-spots in the pictures below. There is a crazy sand-storm going on and just walking outside (in the strangely warmish weather) is freaky and makes you feel all grimy.
It is Rosh Chodesh Iyar, so Shosh and I went out for our monthly dinner. We were going to get bagels, but by the time we got there the bagel store was closed, so we wound up at Cafe Rimon instead. (I feel like I spend too much time there lately...) They have a special deal that on Rosh Chodesh if you buy a main dish and a drink then you get dessert for free. Free dessert? Let's do it!!! They also give all the ladies roses. (Finally I got a flower from somebody! SHEESH!)
On the way back to The Ranch, my phone took a leap of faith and missed, slightly...
Shosh was HIGHLY amused by this as can be seen below. (Or maybe she was checking for strep...?)
I sat on a wall and put my phone back together. When I powered it on, it worked. I was happy.
Aren't we just the cutest? Doesn't Shosh just have the prettiest eyes EVER!?
The Car That Wondered: This is a picture of an obnoxious car. Actually, the driver was obnoxious and the car was quite nice. But he 'honked' because I was 'in his way' when in effect he was driving in my road... :oP
I thought the makolet closed early. Turns out that they've been closed for renovations for the last week and a half. Guess that shows how much I know...
This is the ramp near the makolet. It takes almost as long to run down the ramp as it does to climb up the stairs next to it...
The elevator in our building is broken again. It is stuck (as can be seen below) on the fifth floor this time. Ergo, we were forced to walk up the stairs. Evidently we made it to the 5th floor because I took this picture. Luckily we eentually made it to the 6th floor (or you wouldn't be seeing these pictures...)
Our pretty blood red roses...
Ok, so now it is late and I agreed to go into the office early tomorrow on the condition that I will leave early on Thursday. My boss gave an A-OK on that plan and I figure it is worth it. :o)
One day closer to Shabbos!
Chodesh Tov everybody!!

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Rosh Chodesh Partner said...

I could leave a looong message but I shall refrain. All I can say is: is it a new plunger or an old one from the toilet/shower. What about getting a good suction (sp?). Will it work? What will be the outcome. And finally.....Food Processor!!!!!