Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Happy 59th Israel!!!

Well, my morning started off about 2 hours earlier than I would have liked with a phone call about pigeons. Breakfast was a birthday bash of Waffles Supreme in honor of Brother Eli's birthday.
Eventually, only 20 minutes late, we got everybody out of the house and on their way to the car.
I love the fact that driving a couple of miles out of the cty or town in which you find youself you are still 'in your backyard'
We went to the red and white trail of Nahal Dolev. The bat caves have been closed since last year but the hike itself is REALLY enjoyable!
Ths is a rock. It was a cool rock. THAT is why there is a picture of it.
A the 'halfway point' we stopped for a break and to eat some pretzels, crackers and carrots.
This is the 'slide' - the mountain is worn sooo smoothly that it is like sliding down glass...
So after 3 hours or so of hiking, we headed Home and Dinner preparations got underway. The traditional BBQ was lit and Saba & Savta came too.

This was our Sunday for the year. The only thing that really confuses me is having a 'Sunday' on a 'Tuesday' - when I wake up in the morning I will be unsure of what day of the week we are actually up to.

Speaking of waking up - I guess I need to be asleep at some point before I 'get up' in the morning.

Tomorrow is back to usual routine.

I want another Sunday... :o)