Monday, April 30, 2007

Inhaling Vanilla Beanstalks...

When I woke up this morning, I just knew it was going to be a 'hectic but good' kind of day.

I went to work half an hour early and the bosses didn't get there until later which left me a nice block of time to do some of the cray project that I was given on Thursday. Once the bosses arrived, bedlam evolved into chaos. Slowly but surely I calmed down my boss and we attacked the work. I haven't done SO much work on SO many different topics in a really long time. Seriously, it's probably been about 2-3 months since there were so many projects passing over my desk at once. Nevertheless, I handled them efficiently and in an orderly fashion. I made one small error, but was able to laugh with the guy when he called to ask what was going on, so I fixed it up and sent it off. Suffice it to say, it was a pretty good day. Hectic, but good. I felt accomplished to some extent and I wasn't exhasuted, drained and wiped out like I usually am after those 'typical' days in the office.

I decided to stop at the 'bead store' on my way back to The Ranch, but it had already closed. I continued along the road and suddenly the craving for gummy-candies hit. I have been avoiding it for the last week and a half, but there comes a point when it is impossible to ignore. So I stopped off at the candy store.

I munched on Gummyworms as I made my way back down Yafo.

A sign in the elevator greeted me with the exciting news that as of today, the heater/boiler is repaired and we will once again have heat and 'constant' hot water.

So far so good. I think I will spend some time tonight working my way through "And Rachel Was His Wife" which I borrowed from Savta. Thus far it is quite enjoyable.

I need to get to a bookstore this week.
I want to pick up some fun stuff for my galavanting.
And I have those 'תלושים' from the office.
They can pay for either clothing or for books...
I'm thinking books are definitely more k'dai. :o)


tnspr569 said...

מה זה תלושים?

Lorelai said...

Coupon-y majigits.

Like gift certificates - but for a whooooole bunch of places.

Essentially it is free $$$ - though I maintain that I deserve much much more considering what I do in my office.

They give them as a מתנה לחג. Cause they're 'nice' like that...

tnspr569 said...

Better than nothing...

Glad you enjoyed!