Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pesach 2007...

Our first (and my ONLY free day) of chol hamoed dawned bright and clear. I had hoped to go out on some fun tiyul or another but between Sammy working and Daddy's conference call - not to mention the fact that nobody woke up until after 11, things didn't look too bright.

Instead I invited Shosh and we went out on a shopping spree at the grocery store.
I love this country. They sell all of the chametz at the grocery store, but instead of moving all the Pesach stuff to a seperate aisle, they do the following:
Shani, this one is for you - it's the GREEN Fairy! Often reported to be seen after drinking certain alcoholic beverages... ;)
I LOVE the advertising here or maybe it is just the lack of English... I've heard of piled clothes and piled garbage but never this:
After the store we stopped off at the playground at BIG on our quest for a mini-grill and then we went to the park in Migdal Hamayim.
Back at Home there wasn't much going on. We made a many vegetable dinner and then I walked Shosh out to catch a bus.
Last stop of the night was a LATE viewing of "Phantom of the Opera" - I would've started earlier but some people just can't get their acts together... :oP

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tnspr569 said...

A lot of fun for just one day!