Monday, April 23, 2007

Radioactive Spaghetti...

This morning was a regular one though I was running a bit late. Work was same old and I got no filing done because as usual, the boss decided that I should pretend to be HIS secretary again. My Big Sis saved me from the monotony of the office and we walked and shmoozed and picked out nail-polish. I left the office 2 and a bit hours early after much pleading and kvetching.
I was Home just in time to cut up cucumbers for the Israeli Salad and fry the falafel balls. Once again, we had an 'Israeli Food Night' at Home in honor of Yom Haatzmaut. After dinner Daddy went out to the Tfilah Chagigit at the shul where he picke dup Shalom. When they got Home we went 2 doors down to join our neighbors at their yearly shmoozamajig.
For some reason or another, Pringles reigned supreme. Especially the BBQ ones. I 'helped' tend to the fire and watched a number of promising arsonists practice their sadistic arts on helpless marshmellows, rugelach and Bamba.
There were 2 rounds of fireworks. They were quite captivating as far as pyrotechnics go however, I must admit - one certainly CAN have too much of a good thing. Seeing them in the sky over the city quite frequently has taken its toll. I can tell.
I helped straighten up after the 'party' and then headed Home trying to figure out where the night had gone. We then drove Shalom back to his Yeshiva and took the 'Dirt Road' from the Moshav back into the city proper...
Quite an adventure. Quite an adventure.
More tomorrow! Have a good one!


yo' meanma said...

I like the "Dirt Road" : )

tnspr569 said...

Glad to hear everyone made it back safe and sound. I guess I can tell my cousins to take that road, then.

Thanks so much for the wonderful hospitality and transportation!