Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sleep & Embrace...

I was the 2nd one in my family awake today. My alarm went off at 7 because I had to go to work. Mind you, only me and Tzi were stupidly forced to go in a do diddly-(un)important-squat today, but that is not the point.

After work I caught a bus Home. The bus smelled strongly like, well, imagine being shoved into a bottle of fabric softener that had been sitting in the July sun for a few days. Finally back at Home we packed into the car and headed over to Maaleh Hachamisha to visit Saba & Savta who are staying at the kibbutz's hotel.

The views are breathtaking:
The jacuuzi looked reeeeally nice, wish I coulda gone for a swim.
I call this picture art. It's a man on a couch from a bird's eye view and his reflection too.
We got to visit Savta and Saba's room to check out the accommodations.
I love my Dibble!!!!
The drive to Har Adar is through Abu Gosh - which Daddy drove through sooo fast this was the best picture I coud get...
At Home once again we decided to have that long awaited BBQ in our makeshift Pesach 'grill' - I can almost take credit for this one. :)
One match and Bobs your uncle. One Mommy and the food is deeeeelish!
The Dibble was probably asking something along the lines of, "But WHY can't I..."
I LOVE living in a sort of tropical paradise! Come on!!! THIS is my rooooftop garden!!!
Freddie made a caterpillar and promptly ate it one segment at a time.
Now it is time to get some rest. Tomorrow's schedule is going to be quite hectic. The planned itinerary says something about the beach. Guess we'll see how it goes.Am I wrong when I say that it is odd that people love me cause I'm cute and have a teddy? I mean, my teddy is cute - but I just think it's odd. Not that odd is a bad thing...


Sammy said...

I didnt really eat it one segment at a time. If I had, then that would mean that I shoved the whole hotdog down my throat and I am not like the dude who ate the ballon... I dont know magic :(

tnspr569 said...

Oooh- what fun!

Why go so fast through Abu Gosh? Does he go fast through the village leading to Neve Aliza?

Stay safe, mishpachat polly!

'Yo Abba said...

I've heard that you can get really good houmous in Abu Ghosh and that the Arabs there are pretty friendly, but I'm not ready to ease off the accelerator just yet.