Sunday, April 01, 2007

"That's my foot..."

In the last few years our minhag has become to try and do as much cleaning and preparing as we can as early as possible so that the night before chag begins we can pile into the car and drive up to Jerusalem. We usually leave the house some time between the hours of 10 PM and midnight. This time around was no different. We departed at around 10:45 and were in Jerusalem in seemingly 'no time'
After a '10 minute' Maariv at the Kotel, we decided that we were hungry. Daddy decided to humor us and after driving around in a few circles we found a parking spot 1/2 a block from town.
We all decided to choose partners and share. Because 'sharing is caring' especially when EVERYONE is hungry! :)
Of course, at 2 in the morning The Dibble INSISTED that he NEEDED an iced coffee.We're still not sure how the ramifications of this one will play out...
The nice waitress even agreed to take a picture of us. I reckon we amused her quite a bit - though we DID try to be on our best behavior...
As we walked back to the car after eating our fill of Chametz, we took a quick stop at the giant checkerboard to play a game of 'King Me' and 'Queen Me' -
Alas, the hour was growing late and with only 4 hours till Shacharit we knew we had to head Home
So we piled into the car...
All of us. Even Pookie.
About 40 minutes later we were Home Sweet Home.
Now I reckon would be a gooooood time to get some sleep. On the bright side, we will probably sleep late which will be nice because tomorrow night is the Seder and we will need to be up very late again.
There is some brilliant project in the works to get all of the families on our street out of their houses and up on the porches on their roof-tops at 1:00 am to sing Hallel together.
It should be fun! :)