Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"When the visions around you..."

Woke up as usual and headed to the office an hour early. I am saving up 'over-time' this week so that I can leave early tomorrow... Work was boring, as usual, but there was a lot going on as two of the bosses were leaving for a conference in Europe.

TJ asked if I would be interested in going out for this 'night out' that we have been planning for the last month or two. We called up my Big Sis and as soon as we got the green light I got ever so excited! Plans! How much better can things get? :o)

Anywho, after work I went to the store and (finally) bought myself a pretty and sophisticated (well, I think so anyway) pinkish sparklyish nailpolish.

Then I sat and waited for the call...

We met up and headed out. I didn't look like a shlumph and we walked in a circle, but we got there eventually. :o)

Silly us - 9:00 on a Wednesday is muuuuch too early to go out. But it was nice, we got some quiet time before the crowds moved in. AND comfy seats. ;o)

I wanted to upload some pictures, but Blogger is being annoying and taking forever to do nothing. So, if you CLICK ON ME you can see all of the pictures that I uploaded on Facebook. (Wow that feels wrong, putting Blogger and Facebook in the same sentence...)

Basically, I love my Big Sis, I love my friend TJ and I am so happy that we did this. We'll have to do it again some time soon. Hopefully next time the 4th person (who was supposed to come but was unable due to military circumstances) will be able to join us. :o) Well, I hope so anyway. That way I can chill and not keep checking my phone compulsively...

Once again - THANKS girls!!!

And Sis, next time we'll have salt, spin them on the table and then drink 'em. Maybe that way it'll taste fizzilier... ;o)

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