Thursday, May 31, 2007

Glutton For Punishment...

Work was a bit sad today as it was Yael's last day. TJ and I slipped out to find some lunch and I ate 3 slices of pizza. On my way Home I had some ice-cream with Shosh and then at Home I shared a plate of noodles &ketchup with The Dibble and drank a Shoko B'sakit.

Mommy is catering another shindig this week. This one is in honor of the Clark's littlest one's 1st Birthday. The only guidelines provided were, "As girly and frilly as possible..."
I like Pink!!! I love Pink!!! Yay for PINK!!!
Fringe and Frizzie help set the tables...
The adorable centerpieces! I think they are picnic-perfect and they make me think of spring!
A few of the tables all set...
Then Freddie drove us Home.
More tomorrow... :o)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

‏Mohamed says,

"Hi ur very very cute im mohamed from Egypt ‏i want make friend with u"
Cause that isn't the most random way to start off the day...

Work was amusing today. Actually the office was kind of boring. Freddie stopped by this morning and brought me a big green apple. I took care of getting things done and entertained myself. At the very end of the day the bosses treated us to tastreats.

Snuck past a cordoned off chefetz-chashud area and walked back to The Ranch. It's hot out and there's a wierd haze hanging over The City.

Shosh made chicken soup cause I was in the mood for it and we even had a chilled bottle of wine for with the main course.

Gotta find something to do tonight...

Maybe I will actually take care of paying vaad bayit. We only owe for the last 6 months or so...

FUN NEWS FOR THE DAY: My Big Sis and the munchkinS come HOME tomorrow!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! :o)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PYY 3-36 Hormone...

Work has been slightly crazy lately. In addition to all the usual work that we have on our plates, we were organizing this crazy conference/party and my boss agreed to basically organize 2 or 3 weddings at the same time. So, I am more or less kept busy. Except of course, when I sit at my computer bored out of my mind and refuse to even file. Today was one of those 'plan the wedding' days. It was a little crazy. I'm glad I know what to expect on the job and that I know how to react if a last minute client calls up. Of course, I remember the first few times when I was scared senseless of messing up, but I have learned that mistakes happen and that you have to at least do everything ni your power to make things work. Also, in a pessimistic way I have learned that even if you are supposed to be working as a team - you can't rely too heavily on the others, because chamces are they are just going to mess up and you will wind up being short-changed. Delegate the small stuff, but unless you know a person is trustworthy, do the important stuff yourself. I am now a firm believer in, "if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself." For this reasn you must be very careful about what responsibilities you accept upon yourself. Learning to say no is a skill of not only much wisdom, but sometimes even of mental health and sanity.

After work I went out to Norman's with Saba and Savta. We had a really enjoyable time. It's always nice to get to spend time with them!

Back at The Ranch, Shosh practiced some reflexology for the first time in over a year (or so.) She did a really really good job and I was almost out on the table.

Now I just need for her to practice massage and take a huge painful knot out of my neck. It is stress related and no matter what I do I can't seem to shake the stress. Maybe I should just get used to it.

But it is hard to live with pain.
Still, I guess that's just life.
It builds character.
I know. I know.

Monday, May 28, 2007

"Cocktail Tires..."

For the last 3 weeks a team of us at the office have been organizing a press conference for the Grand Opening of the Mamilla Alrov Quarter Project. If you have been in Jerusalem in the last four years, near Jaffa Gate, you will have noticed the construction and reconstruction project going on behind the barriers.At 4ish we headed over to the David Citadel Hotel for the Press Conference. Up in the executive lounge we set everything up and waited for the reporters to show up.

Eventually things got underway. The general manager and the assistant managers of the David Citadel Hotel and the new Akirov Hotel were both present along with the Director of Sales and PR for the hotel and luxury apartments. After the conference we made our way over to the new shopping promenade...
The place is beautiful. Ritzy and an all around beautiful reconstruction project. Lots of new stores and chic little coffee shops.
We collected the brochures as we passed by...
Some music to set the mood...
On the new walkway...
A shot of the crowd before the sun went down...
My hair does look kind of cute in the clip... (what do you think of my fancy outfit?)
Freddie was across the way. We shmoozed for a bit and waved. She declined the offer of tossing some food across the road...
FOR TJ - The Doggy Bag. Evidently not everybody felt the same way about 'taking some for later'...
Pareve Iced Coffee that actually tasted really really really good!!!
Me and TJ!!! What is so funny about this picture is that we're both zonked. Totally and utterly.
The sun went down and the atmosphere of the party went up a few notches...
We eventually got tired of the crowds in the party, so we headed over to the VIP section. (They had more comfortable couches in there...)
Tamir this last picture is for you. I saw the fireworks and remembered that conversation we had on Yom Ha'atzmaut. I do love them. The colors, the brilliance and the beauty. But they always make me think of life in general...
...They burst onto the scene, shed their light, make their impression and then they are gone leaving only a smoky haze behind. May we merit to make a more permanent mark on this world than they, and may it be for the good.

Friday, May 25, 2007

"Before, behind, between, above, below..."

A quick wrap-up. The last two days have been pretty mundane.

Shavuot was very nice. I went to a shiur at the shul given by Dr. Moshe Spero and was at shul only 10 minutes late in the morning. The rest of chag was spent half asleep and in a haze of random funniness. Dr. Seuss had another moment in the spotlight thanks to Brenda, Toffee and the Jedd.

Yesterday was quite nice. I went shopping and got 2 pretty tops then I went into the office early to make up for leaving early on Monday. (Isn't flex-ish-time great?) After work I got to spend some time in the park, on a rock, chasing ants. Got on a bus back to Bet Shemesh and tried to help a neighbor track down a lost phone. Back at Home I watched Lilo & Stitch and got some rest.

Now it's Erev Shabbos again. This has been such a strange week. Little Brother is Home and so is my chayal. Shani isn't, but I promised not to be too bored without her here.

Have a good one! :o)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

16 Pokes Sent...

Chag is on its way!
So exciting!

Blintzes, ice cream, fettucine alfredo, cheesecake, and milkshakes!!!

Gotta get ready...

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hooked on Thursday Night...

Didn't sleep well last night. Must've been all the bamba.
Work was pretty boring, and I felt funny, so I left early.
Caught a bus Home and went straight to bed where I slept until dinnertime. Chicken soup is a cure-all and it is my choice medicine when I feel like this.

Now I am back in bed and thanks to Daddy's advice, I am streaming some TV over the internet. The Princess Bride is on the movie channel - the only catch is watching it with it's Japanese subtitles...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hugs & Butterfly Kisses...

I woke up to a voice screaming, "Smooshy! Smooshy! Smooshy come back inside!!!" I shlepped myself out of bed and got ready to head back to The City. I was running early so I stopped at The Ranch to drop off my stuff, then I headed to work. The office was quiet and boring. To make myself feel useful I actually filed all of the newspapers. I spent most of the rest of the day reading.

After work I met up with Freddie and Netanella (one of her coworkers) and we picked up salad, which we ate in the park. Freddie got a new 'shirt' thingy, it's funky and (like most other things) looks really cute on her. After our salads we shpatzired up to the Kotel. I had heard through the grapevine that a friend of a friend was having his 'swearing in' ceremony. It was in the neighborhood so we decided to stop by.
All the chayalim marched out and it was a grand sight. Finally, 20 minutes later Tonny made his way to the group of people waiting to greet him!Eventually I made my way back to the other side of town and I stopped to take a quick picture of the bridge. They put up pretty lights and it looks oh so fancy.
Tomorrow is already erev-erev-chag so I'll be heading Home again. Shavuot is almost here! I'm so excited!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Fish Stick?

Shabbos was quiet. Friday night went late at the table as Sammy, Daddy and I farbrenged until almost 12:30am. Shabbos morning I didn't bother leaving the house and I set the table instead. Lunch was light and summery, along with the lite-fruity-wine. Shani stopped by and we spent some time shmoozing and catching up. It was a whopping 29.9 degrees C outside, and the sun was beating down on the hammock so I decided to stay cool by reading in the guest room. After a short snooze I woke Brenda and we headed out to the shul to pick up Freddie from mincha. Then we headed over to Saba and Savta's where we had some seudah shlishit and spent some quality time. After havdalah Saba gave us a ride Home and he even let us open the skylight. :o)

Now I'm off to find something to do tonight. Maybe a movie with my littlest sister? Maybe some more reading? Maybe another arts-n-crafts project? Who knows. Shavua Tov!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Shavuot is on the way and so our shul held another 'Womens Evening' - tonight we learned about flower arranging. Quite apropos if you ask me. Of course, there was cheesecake - but it went fast and then it was on to the flowers...
Funniest quote of the night: "Oh, why couldn't I have been born artistic instead of beautiful?"
Shabbos is coming! Somebody even said they will try to come over and read to me! I'm so excited! :o)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Just ignore her. :)"

Wake up at 5:45, Bus at 6:18, Ice-pops at 7:00, Work at 9:00, Pictures dropped of for developing at 6:15, Books bought at 6:25, Developed pictures picked up at 6:45, Talked to Becca, Talked to Mommy, Talked to Freddie, Back at the ranch at 7:15, Special phone call at 10:20, Blog entry completed 11:44.

Good Night.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I went Home last night. We made waffles, watched the twinkling lights and ate salad. It was a nice spontaneous sort of decision. I should make more of those. They are fun.

My plans for the future currently extend only until December - sort of.
I assume after that I will go back to my awfully boring working routine and that will be that.
Have I mentioned I am never going to manage to get myself fired?
How ironically depressing...