Tuesday, May 08, 2007

7 Pokes Await Me...

Aside from the fact that I woke up and started my day at 3:00 a.m. (THANK YOU AGAIN FREDDIE!!!) - it was a pretty regular and boring type of day. Busy, very busy - until it wasn't.

I sent out press releases and spoke with Captain Kirk. I also bought some gummy-worms to eat at the party with my Woof, but those plans fell through, so now I have to eat them all by my lonesome.

I wanted to make some soup, so I stopped and picked up vegetables, but when I got back to The Ranch I decided that it was too hot to eat soup and that I was too tired to stand in the kitchen and cook.

So instead, I am sitting and playing text-twist on Yahoo Games. I did a quick experiment involving uploading videos to youtube for blogging purposes. Maybe one of these days I will get around to posting some of the amusing moments that I have caught on tape...

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