Friday, May 25, 2007

"Before, behind, between, above, below..."

A quick wrap-up. The last two days have been pretty mundane.

Shavuot was very nice. I went to a shiur at the shul given by Dr. Moshe Spero and was at shul only 10 minutes late in the morning. The rest of chag was spent half asleep and in a haze of random funniness. Dr. Seuss had another moment in the spotlight thanks to Brenda, Toffee and the Jedd.

Yesterday was quite nice. I went shopping and got 2 pretty tops then I went into the office early to make up for leaving early on Monday. (Isn't flex-ish-time great?) After work I got to spend some time in the park, on a rock, chasing ants. Got on a bus back to Bet Shemesh and tried to help a neighbor track down a lost phone. Back at Home I watched Lilo & Stitch and got some rest.

Now it's Erev Shabbos again. This has been such a strange week. Little Brother is Home and so is my chayal. Shani isn't, but I promised not to be too bored without her here.

Have a good one! :o)

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