Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not in the fishpond...!!!

I must admit - surprise inspections can be a highly amusing thing. Especially if they catch you at just the right moment. These surprise inspections are akin to candid camera moments, when whatever stupid thing you were in the middle of doing is suddenly broadcast nationwide to a zillion people who never should have had to know or see the ridiculous thing that you were doing.

This morning was pretty boring. I woke up early and the world smelled like rain and springtime. Eventually I caught a bus to Jerusalem and made my way back to The Ranch to drop off my stuff. I decided against going into work early, because, my salf-hating streak doesn't run quite that deep and instead I spent some time lounging on the incredibly comfortable couch that I stole from my parents - with their help, of course.

The office was pretty quiet. I spent today sending out over 200 e-mails to wrap up the invitations to a huge press conference for the foreign press and then I sent out a press release for some other 'foganickin' thing or other.

On way way out of the office, TJ and I stopped off at the shuk. I decided that since the 'doctor' says I need to start taking care of myself, that fruits and veggies should probably figure into my diet a little more than say, pizza and felafel. So I picked up a whole rainbow-ish variety of stuff then made my way back to the other side of town. I dropped the stuff off at The Ranch and then headed back out to get some other groceries, because when all there is to eat are french fries and Doritos, you know it's time to do some shopping...

Finally back at The Ranch - for what I hope will be the last time tonight, I am just about ready to crash. I still need to practice for Stazh and I should probably shower too, but we'll see how lazy I am in a few hours.

The doc says I should get to bed before midnight. She says that every hour of sleep before midnight rejuvenates your body twice the amount of every hour of sleep after midnight. Basically, early to bed - early to rise...

You know the end.

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