Saturday, May 05, 2007

"So you're needle boy..."

Shabbos was extremely enjoyable. I actually made it to shul and our guests were extremely entertaining! The meals were fun and Little Brother brought me my twizzlers!!! (Thanks for reminding him to get them for me Aunt Faye!)After Havdala we headed over to the ampi for some Lag Ba'omer fun and festivities! The fires were HUGE and there were plenty of marshmellows to go around. Somebody actually brought a kitchen chair and I was bemused when they picked it up and put the whole thing into the flames.How many marshmellows can you fit in your mouth? This little champ got in 3! :o)Sariel and Gabi provided some musical accompaniment until they left for the 'usual spot' - At that point the 'adults' took over.The pile to burn.We had all night ahead of us...Sammy and Little Brother went to visit the BIG fire in the new ampi but ours was more fun, so they came back! :o)Heehee, I convinced my chayal to come down to our side of town too!
Whose shoes are whose??? :oP
Good times. Good times.
But the best part was when I got Home.
Darn those comfy chairs... ;o)


Anonymous said...

XD Lori you're funny.....

Anonymous said...

No problem, Lori...after all, he's a boy and boys always need to be reminded of something or other! Take good care of Barny-boy for us, Aunt Faye:)