Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"9 Hours Later..."

Today was day one of the 'birthday vacation trip.'

It was an absolute blast.

First we headed down to Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. Plenty of pictures can be seen if you click here! (For the less computer literate of my readers, yes, you just have to click on the word 'here'!!!! It's 'internet-magic' - but hey, it works!)

Back in The City we washed up, cutiefied ourselves and then headed out for a fancy shmancy dinner in town. On the way Home I even got a new bag for the summer! (It's my birthday present to me!) I hope it holds up! (I wanted it in blue, but wound up getting it in beige which, I guess is better because now it will go with everything...)

Tomorrow... Day 2 of vacation - and plenty more pictures. ;o)

P.S. Thanks for calling!!! :oP

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