Sunday, June 10, 2007

A blob...

Pulled an all-nighter last night, which wasn't necessarily the brightest of ideas. Took the bus into Jeru with Shani and she finally came to see The Ranch (for the first time in almost 2 years.) I finally saw Deborah (who is in The Holy Land visiting this week!) And then Shani and I headed into town and I went to check out her place of employment before heading out to my own office.

Work was boring and a pain. No bosses (except one kvetchy one) and no work (aside from filing, which I try to avoid at all costs nowadays.)

I left a little early so that I could get back to The Ranch with enough time to get ready for Racheli Segal's wedding. Everything was beauiful and it was as much of an Afikei Reunion as these things usually are.

I ducked out early because I need to get some sleep. I am trying (unsuccessfully) to locate some clean sheets so that Deborah can actually sleep in a bed. Maybe I'll go check that drawer in my closet again.

Where do sheets wander off to?!

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