Monday, June 18, 2007

Cheese Toasts with Tomato...

So, I left work early and headed Home to catch a ride out to Vivi & Gabi's Wedding. It was in a really nice garden-y type place. Very pretty and scenic and green. I got a few pics that really sum up the event (And I promised Vivi I'd blog 'em - so here you go...)

"He's coming! He's coming!!!" (Would you look at that smile?!) I get teary eyed when I see that look of absolute adoration. I just have to say, "awwwwww!!!"
Bride Envy anybody? (Check the bridal bouquet...)
The Man in the Moon was fishing...
Daddy and Mr. Lutsky enjoyed some dessert.
Daddy enjoyed a little more dessert than Mr. Lutsky...
Freddie grabbed a seat with a niiiiice view... ;o)
Eitan and Poppa Zwebner kept themselves entertained...
Yay for bubbles!!!
We gave Matan and Elad a ride back to B.S. and the conversation in the car was amusing and slightly disturbing.
Ok, so it's a terrible picture of me - but I wanted a shot of my cute dress! Please ignore me and note the dress! Thanks! :o)
Anywho - tomorrow I have work and then have to rush back to B.S. (again) for a dentist appointment. Oh goody. I'm soooo excited... :oP

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