Thursday, June 14, 2007

Forget Glade - let's help Daddy...!!!

So from the comment left on my post last night, I have deduced that the blog of sunhouse has fallen by the wayside in the ever-expanding and ever-widening world of cyberspace. If you wouldn't mind too much and you have some spare time, please do my father a favor and visit his blog. He posts sporadically - but they are always insightful and well-written blurbs. It is worth your while to check it out every so often, it makes for a great breakfast & coffee read.

While I am suggesting reading for you I might as well suggest that you check out this article: Strangely, I found it highly entertaining. In my 'silly little fluff filled' head I thought it was the question and motive that mattered - but it turns out... Oh nevermind, you can read through it all by yourself - I won't get confrontational here. It's not the right forum for such things. Right? ;o)

Does anybody have any ideas for my upcoming 'birthday vacation' - (for which plans have deteriorated.) I'm taking off two days of work (Between my Hebrew and English birthdays) and I was supposed to go relax on the beach with a friend. Due to religious restrictions the plan has been vetoed as the hours at the 'kosher' beaches are inconvenient. So, if anyone has any brilliant suggestions - I am open to hear them. (Other ideas which have already been 'ixnayed' include: museums, the zoo and anything that actually requires physical labor.)

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Bob said...

Hmm. A ring is one of those things I've always wanted to give. Just because it means so much, you know? Well, as a girl, of course you do. It's not that I'd expect something in return, or that I'd do it because everyone else does - I just want to make her happy.

No birthday ideas, sorry. But have a happy birthday, whenever it is. ^_^