Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fuzzy Antelopes...

Shabbos was nice. I suppose.

Two of the people that I love very much weren't Home but on the bright side, I did win a game of Rummikub, even though there were no pink streamers.

The watermelon birthday cake was very good and so were the orange-pineapple ices (even though they were very jello-ey) and the cappuchino parfaits (which I donated the chocolate sandwich cookies for.)

On Motza"sh Michalie came over and we had our ice cream and movie party. We watched Ice Age and it was really really funny! In the middle Freddie even came Home - which was very exciting!

Now I am contemplating the week ahead of me. It will begin with a bus ride to Jerusalem and end with a bus ride to Bet Shemesh.

But mostly, I don't suppose it will be very much fun.

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