Monday, June 04, 2007

"Hey! Ur doinker is off..."

Woke up early, so I could get to the office early. I need to leave early a few times in the next few weeks and I need to make up the hours sometime. It's a plus and minus of 'flex-time' though I'm not supposed to have flex-time theoretically...

My Big Sis came back to work today. It came as no real surprise to us that the bosses lied (they do this as second nature) and that her seat is still in the studio, stuck doing all the junk she didn't want to do doing.

I met up with Dum for a few quick minutes to say not-goodbye but see you soon. I can't believe we waited 3 years for her to get here, spent 1 year with her and now the next time we will probably see her is in December, when we will hopefully be going to NJ.

At about 5:40 Freddie showed up at the office. She walked a lot today and funnily enough her feet brought her to my current place of employment. We 'popped out' to grab some gummy candies and jelly beans and then she kept me company during my last hour.

After work we stopped at the shuk for some veggies and then at T.M. for some random stuff and where we ran into some people she knows from the hopsickal. Back at The Ranch I'm trying to make some dinner but it's already getting late and everything is very very subdued.

Tuesday coming up tomorrow. Another 10 hour day in store for me. I'll have to try and be a little more cheery and less dreary tomorrow.

At least I have some gummy bears waiting for me at my desk.
If things start to go downhill I can just bite off a few of their heads.

Someone I love once mused that they should just engineer headless gummy-bears for sadistic people like me. I laughed and said that if they did I would move onto other snacks -

Do you have any idea how much fun it is to eat animal crackers limb by limb...?


yo' meanma said...

We have 4 bags or animal crackers in the pantry just waiting to be mauled, I mean sacrificed, I mean eaten ; )
On second thought make that 3 bags!

your partner said...

Lol, yeah sadly do know how fun it is!! But if it really goes down hill your week, you can always look forward to the beginning of next week (for more than one reason!)