Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How could he miss it?!?!?!

So, today was my Hebrew birthday. Thank you everyone for your kind wishes and birthday cheers. They were very much appreciated. Though I must admit, my faith in birthdays is waning as each year passes because as each one approaches, I stop and think about what I have accomplished in the past year and in reality, I never seem to have done very much. I mean, I have spent a whole lot of hours doing things (and countless more doing none) - but when it comes down to it, the only thing I have really accomplished is staying alive and even that's not really in my control - so I don't feel like it counts.

Nevertheless, I am now 22 years old and I feel utterly unaccomplished in the task that has been set before me. (Not that I know with any certainty what praytell that task may be.) I certainly hope and pray that in the next year I manage to fulfill something worthwhile or at least make an impact in the name of the greater good which is much larger than I myself can ever aspire to be as it encompasses everything that is within the realm created by a Force that I can never hope to understand.

Though, I must to admit that the random acts of kindness performed intentionally or unintentionally by people really do make a difference in the lives of the people around them.

A story to illustrate my point:

This morning at about 6:50 I was woken up by the sound of a balloon being blown up. My eyes popped open and there was Freddie. A pile of balloons was sitting on the foot of my bed and she was blowing them up one by one. When she noticed I was awake she told me a story and then as I lay in bed trying to figure out what to say she pulled a small (portion-control size) chocolate cake (with colorful sprinkles nonetheless) out of her bag as well. I took a moment to internalize the going-ons and then hopped out of bed. In the living room she handed me a bag of whole wheat animal crackers (shaped like dinosaurs) then zipped up her bag and headed off to work.

I hope she realizes that she really made my day something special and memorable and I also hope that she realizes how much I appreciated her effort and the fact that she went out of her way for me.

A smile here, a kind word there, an encouraging push, listening to a friend, helping someone shlep their bags to the bus-stop or home from the store, bending down to pick up something for someone else, etc. etc. etc...

So maybe - if these small acts of random kindness are just parts of the final equation...
In that case, maybe I have done something worthwhile?


Sunhouse said...

May you have a year of good health and great accomplishments. The fate of the universe is in your hands.

It's nice to see that at least one Polly is able to catch a bus to the city at 5:30 AM. I remember the days when I used leave at 5:30 AM to catch the 7:00 AM shuttle to Boston.

BTW: Grampa sent a card! It's waiting for you in the usual place.

Happy Bday!

'Yo Abba

Tamir said...

There is no maybe. You have done something (and quite probably more than one thing) worthwhile. I know that for a fact.

Have a happy birthday, and worry not. ^_^ May the upcoming year be the best you've ever had.

tnspr569 said...

Happy Birthday Lori!!!

You most certainly have affected positive changes in the world around you. It's not always easy to see the fruits of one's labor, but rest assured, your efforts have certainly produced results.

By the way, was I the one who "missed it"?

Masked one said...

To the capped one,
here is not the forum for me to comment (she says and then writes a really long message), for i have much to say to tonights blog, but you know what i'm going to say and most of it you wrote to me in an e-mail which i have not yet had the time to decently reply too. However, in that message you made many comments which i would like you to reread and apply them to yourself, because you have done many things in this past year that have made a huge lot of difference to a huge amount of people, not least of all me (as i said here is not the place but if you want a list i can give you one). Many of your readers will know about some occasions first hand, as i do, some will know about them from knowing the things you do, and others will know about them through friends who know you. And I can atest to the fact that i know of many incidents in this past year alone, and in past years besides, where your smile, your e-mail, your helpng hand, has made a difference, and if that is not an acheievement then nothing is! And so i stand and applaude you for all that you've done.
With much love and wishes for a very very happy year ahead, where all your dreams are fulfilled and you are blessed with much bracha, simcha and hatzlacha.
The masked one